About the artist

Name: Nat H.
Online name: SinfulHeart
Location: USA
Languages: English
Contact: ebony.crown04[@]gmail [dot] com
Quote: "I'm quite cynical actually"
Occupation: Digital Illustrator, Comic artist, and Graphic Designer.
Education: Graduated High School. Have an associates in Illustration Design.
Hobbies: Playing video games, making website layouts, reading manga, watching some anime, chatting with friends online, and listening to music almost every day. Watching youtube shows while working on my artwork and running a youtube gaming channel with recording gameplay footage.

Favorite subject to draw:
I'm more creative with drawing out males than I do with females. I get all excited when I see hot/cute/sexy males mostly xD And Straight couples.

Least favorite subject to draw:
Not interested in yaoi or yuri. I'm just not turned on by it,simple as that.
Animals: I really don't practice enough to be confident enough to draw them.

How I got into drawing: Video games was the first influence. Being a gamer I've played games since I was in 2nd grade, it was my addiction and still is today. It's what kept me out of trouble and not being bored for hours. My first game that I really enjoyed was Sonic 2, I used to be a HUGE Sonic fan but of course just like most of us, we stopped caring with how the Sonic series has changed over the years. I loved Sonic and Tails so much that I would always draw them, almost everyday. Whether it was just sketches in a notebook or doing little scribbles during class, I was always drawing. Later on I got into watching anime and that just boosted my passion for drawing. It was a slow progress for me, as I was on and off with drawing and didn't really push myself until after I graduated high school and got a Wacom tablet. Having that tablet let me have that feeling that I can just push forward and do anything. As of today, I'm still improving as an artist and hope to someday be as good as the other artists I admire or look up to.

Favorite video games: I mainly stick to RPGs the most,since most of my collection is nothing but RPGs and very few action and fighting games.

Favorite RPGs:
Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Tactics, Albert Odyssey, Breath of Fire 3, Valkyrie Profile, Disgaea, and Tales of Destiny/Phantasia/Abyss/Xillia. Fighting:
Darkstalkers series, Blazblue series, Bloody Roar series,and Samurai Shodown series.
Devil May Cry series, Metal Gear Solid series, Metal Gear Rising: Revegeance, Zone of the Enders series, Chaos Legion, MegaMan X series and MegaMan Zero series.
Side scroller/beat 'em up:
All Vanillaware games[US released] - Odin's Sphere, Oboro Muramasa, and Dragon's Crown.
Little Big Planet, Puppeteer, Galerians, Panzer Dragoon 1 and 2.

Gaming style: I'm really not the competitive type, with multiplayer online I like to have fun with friends, whether I win or lose, I don't take it personal.
Favorite music:
Mainly rock,heavy metal,and jrock.I sometimes give other genre a listen to. Bands I listen to:
Slipknot, Soilwork, DevilDriver, Dark Tranquillity, X Japan, Sex machinguns, Dir en grey, D'espairsray, and 9mm Parabellum Bullet. Favorite manga:
Gensou Maden Saiyuki,D.N.Angel,Hyper Police,Soul Eater,Peacemaker Kurogane/Imon,and Chronicles of the Cursed Sword.

About different names/signatures
In some of my drawings you will see different signatures, just to clarify I am still the same person and do Not steal other people's works. Most of my work is uploaded on DeviantArt, so I have to put some type of name to keep art thefts away. I know putting my real name would probably be best suited instead and more professional, but I'm rather undecided about that. I want to be comfortable with a different name or title as an artist. When the time comes for a suitable name I will edit my drawings and put the signature on them.

Ok,I want to leave feedback or make a comment,where can I?
Well,you have a few choices:
You can either send an e-mail to me: ebony.crown04[@]gmail[dot]com. Or you can send me a comment or a note on my DA page,My DA page

Credits for the layout
Textures from Shizoo. Special thanks to David for the javascript for my image gallery <3

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Please do not redistribute or use any of the images on this site without premission. Layout design and Illustration character Nat H. Textures used in the layout are not made by me