What tools do you use?

Short version: Currently Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop.

My experience with other traditional medium and art programs:
I mainly started out with mechanical pencil, I rarely use inks, as I'm really not comfortable with it, and Really picky about line quality. Later on, I discoverd the wonderful art/photo program called Photoshop. From then on, I've been hooked ever since. Once I got a Wacom tablet,it made drawing and coloring so much easier and more fun, then the old way where I scanned my already made outlines and colored by mouse in photoshop. I still scan use pencil and paper to do sketches and then scan them, but now I do outlines on the comp. I have worked with the different versions of Painter and done a few illustrations with it, but I could never really get a full grasp of it.

Do you accept Commissions?
Only if it's a paid commission. I no longer do free commissions, sorry. I do need extra money to help pay off bills and stuff. See my commissions chart on my tumblr art blog.
Commission prices
lineart: $5 dollars
black and white: $8 dollars
color: $12 dollars
Please keep in mind that depending on what you request, the prices listed here are subject to change. The color commission is $12 dollars as this applies to a full body character. If it's like a head shot or a bust, it will be less than 15 dollars. Adding an extra character will be $2 dollars. My e-mail address to contact me: ebony.crown04 [@] gmail[dot]com.

Commissions process
Will only accept paypal. Commit to pay First. I will make a sketch of what you want. If it's to your liking, then I will ask you to pay first before I move on to complete your request.

Requesting a commission from me
I don't Even need to mention this but some people need to be reminded. Do NOT ever shove a request in my face. You are not being very cooperative from the start and not even taking into consideration that I do have other things to do IRL besides making art. Sometimes this will be an exception where I'm okay with doing a request because I know I can get it done eventually. But I highly prefer you ask for my premission before asking what you want.

Making a request If I have said yes to your request be ready to explain what you want. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHAT YOU WANT,DONT BOTHER ASKING. I CAN'T READ YOUR MIND.
When I say this, You have to realize that we can't always "See" what the other person is imagining. Okay? It helps me greatly if you provide examples whether it's a screenshot,another illustration,etc. Anything that can be used as reference to help better understand what you want. I don't care if you have to draw something in MS Paint with a mouse, if it helps to see from your point of view.

Can others use your art for [insert purpose or use here]?
I'd really rather appreciate it if people didn't take my work and reuse it for something else. The only time I will allow it, if it's fan art related.But by all means,Please ask me first, do not go and use it for whatever reason without letting me know atleast.

The amount of time it takes to do artwork?
It depends mainly if I can even have any free time at all with school and my job taking most of that free time away. I'd say about 4-6 hours a day, if I'm lucky. And it will sometimes take me days or weeks to get one illustration done,seeing as how I dont always work on that one Every day.

What inspired you to draw?
Definately video games at first and then anime. The old Sonic the Hedgehog games are what influenced me to draw,mainly animal characters at the time. Up until high school, I started to draw human characters with how I was getting more into anime.

How many comics do you have, as of now? Will you plan to do anymore?
I currently have two, one is already up and running, but I've decided to leave it incomplete due to delaying it wayyy too long. The second is in the works and has yet to be put up. And yet a third has surfaced a while back, lol.

Do you take submissions or will draw for someone?
Sadly,no. Even if you ask me, or e-mail me, Sorry I cant do it. Only if I am REALLY inspired and interested to do it, just maybe... It's just that my free time is limited, I barely get anything done, so its hard for me to do a lot of drawings at the same time, while trying to get them all done.

How old are you?
Young adult I will say..and that's as much as you will know >P

Curious..what's with all the nicknames you have?
I have a lot of nicknames,and I find it fun to have a few,lol. YashaOokami is my web name,and Rajikaru Dorima is my drawing name. Natsuki,is sorta the closest name that fits next to my real name.

You seem to draw characters with spiky hair,whats up with that?
Heheh..cant you tell?I love characters with spiky hair,especially the males.. ..wooo >D

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