Welcome to Ofdreamsxpride,a place where Nat,likes to keep her artwork and show to other people who would like to see it. This is the first time doing an art shrine like this,and would like to see how long it will last. This art site used to be called Under Azure Dreams,but is now renamed as Of dreams and pride.


Updated the original illustrations gallery.


Small update with the gallery section. Just uploaded illustrations to the original characters gallery and one to fan art gallery.


Lonnnngggggg overdue layout for this website. It's also been a little active, mainly because I use my tumblr art blog the most. But will still keep updating on this site.


Added illustrations to the fan art section, updated my about and FAQ. I have added in commission information.


Just wanted to let you know that the link to Animepaper on my main page, is no longer available. Animepaper has shut down their site. I'll probably end up putting up my wallpapers on here.


Added two illustrations. One in the fan art section and the other in the Originals section.


Malicious Work In Progress[WIP]:


Lineart of my two original characters. Sion Ryusaki and Shinta Igarashi:


Quick sketch of my OC,Vaughn from my story called Eternal Travelers:


Drew some Chibi sketches. Fang from Unchained Blades:

And Gig from Soul Nomad and the world eaters:


Finally updated with a new layout and a web domain. I have been doing sketches,but I've been uploading them on my tumblr: You can find my tumblr here.


Updated the gallery>fan art section with the past illustrations I've done in a few months. I feel bad just doing fan art only,but I use this as a way to practice and develop my skills with digital painting.


Just wanted to say I've already finished the Lucian illustration done in Mangastudio and have it up on DA at the moment,I will put the original/larger version but I'm going to fix the coding in order to view it. An example of this coding can be seen on portfolio site.


I decided to get back into MangaStudio and decided to do an old sketch that was scrapped,and used that to practice Lineart in MangaStudio:


Just showing a WIP with an art trade on DA.

Not going to show the full versions as the owner of these characters is the only person allowed to see the full versions.


Ever since I got ahold of God(s) Eater Burst,I have been addicted to it.So to show my love for this awesome game,I decided I want to draw my original character in that game. I'm also practicing and learning to outline and color in SAI. I'm hoping to improve and develop my illustrations in a more faster approach.


Posting up an incomplete one.Was going to make it for that DA highschool deviant ID thing,but eh,I pretty much lost interest. Maybe I'll get around to it later on,but it was nice thinking up a school uniform to wear. I'll probably make one of a self-portrait of myself one of these days. I find it amusing that the hair color is like Albel from Star Ocean xD


Updated the fan art section with two illustrations.

Did another sketch recently that was influenced by that Firebreather movie they've been advertisting all month long on CN,lol. Yeah I know,I'm sure the series has been going on for a while,I'm not up to date with comics as much. But yeah,when I saw it I was interested in it,since I do have a dragon boy type character. The sketch is about my dragon character,Adron. Basically did two character designs of him. The one on the left is mainly his form and a result of being used with fusion,not by his choice either. The second one is more of a natural form,he is the offspring of a human and a dragon-beastmen. Even though when I looked after finishing it,it seems more like his younger and older form.

Click the image to see at full view.


New layout for UAD! I will try to keep this site more updated than before. I plan to put incomplete works or sketches here.

Here's an old sketch I've had for a while on my comp. My first dog boy original character. I can't really say he was influenced by Kanata from Trinity Universe,I've had this character even before TU came along. His name is Arai,Shikou and with where he is born,gonna say somewhere in Japan I guess,lol.So typical,I know. I might change that later on,his background story is still being developed.

Click the image to see at full view.
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